Adventure Travel Trade Association

The Adventure Travel Trade Association inspires, connects and empowers the global community to do good through travel. We’re an ever-growing community of passionate travel professionals from destinations all around the globe. Inside our membership program and in-person events, you’ll discover enthusiastic people just like you who dedicate their life’s work to transforming people and places through adventure travel.

Highways Agency

Worked for the traffic department from the UK government, Bristol team in 2007 and 2008. Produced a wide range of materials based on corporate branding guidelines, from leaflets and posters to large scale exhibitions and web based publications.

Barcelona Urban Institute

Barcelona Urban Institute is the department of the Catalan government in charge of taking care of the look of the city of Barcelona. 
Took part in the restoration of forgotten walls, giving them a second chance to recover their beauty, created a marketing campaign to collect donations for those facades to be restored, and produced materials to persuade people to be more civic and encourage them to take part of the redesign of the city.